Cyber Strategy

Strategy Consulting

As organizations constantly digitalize operations, a holistic company-wide cybersecurity strategy is crucial. It protects core assets such as intellectual property, private data of both customers and employees and the broad reputation of the company.

The global landscape of cyberthreats is evolving, and each new development can impact companies in profound ways. Securing the IT infrastructure and data sphere of organizations can be mitigated by having the cutting-edge tools and policies in place, a trend that is becoming paramount for all businesses.

We help clients map their organization’s cyber risk profile, define company-wide steps for implementation and remediation and we develop strategies and action plans to build solid information security cultures within organizations.

Cyber Security Governance Framework

Regulation tailored to cybersecurity is currently being implemented across the world. Organizations need to adapt their internal governance system to meet legal requirements, in addition to strengthening their internal information security framework.

Our team has extensive experience in cybersecurity governmental bodies and cross-governmental authorities, expanding our core competencies in congruence with the evolving regulatory landscape. We guide companies through the intricacies of implementing policy and government reporting mechanisms. We bridge IT infrastructure requirements with internal workflows, reaching an optimal balance for security, regulation and operations.   

Compliance Analysis & Monitoring

Within the EU, policies such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or Network Infrastructure Security Directive (NIS Directive) are radically changing information security governance frameworks, both on the technical and reporting levels. We tailor a bottom-up reporting policy matching the unique set of processes that define companies, coupled with the right timeline to effectively implement it throughout the organization.

Through our Managed Detection and Response services, we offer immediate responses in the event of policy breaches. Our approach grants protection from unwanted actions that could have legal consequences, be it from an outside attacker or due to internal errors.

Vulnerability & Risk Assessments

Most infrastructure attacks are performed through exploiting system vulnerabilities that span all levels of IT systems – from web and mobile applications to servers and peripherals. Vulnerabilities come in many forms. Some are embedded in the equipment’s firmware, in operating systems, while many more come from web and mobile applications.

Continuous assessment of all infrastructure levels enables organizations to keep track of all vulnerabilities in the system and to include them into IT and operational assessments, prioritizing patches and remediation. CyBourn’s monitoring services provides global threat intelligence in real time, helping to identify any new vulnerabilities. CyBourn also works with clients to provide independent validation and verification services.

Infastructure Services

Discovery & Mapping

It is crucial for any organization to have up-to-date information on their IT infrastructure, and we help organizations conduct network discovery and network mapping. We use automated, custom-configured tools to perform deep auto-discovery and avoid gaps between actual infrastructure and documentation, lowering the chance of security breaches.

24/7 Monitoring

Organizations need to continuously monitor their infrastructure for new threats. CyBourn developed a best-in-class monitoring infrastructure, balanced between automated tools and highly experienced security specialists. This allows us to deliver detection solutions tailored to each specific infrastructure. We pride ourselves with the high levels of integration that we can achieve and the immediate response times we offer for any new threats.

Optimization & Technical Consulting

Most false positives occur due to the misconfiguration of internal network equipment. Our monitoring services allow us to document these events and offer complete optimization reports, adapted specifically to the organisational risk matrix.

There is a double benefit from optimizing the configuration of the network through our monitoring services: increasing protection against threats and streamlined internal operations. As a technology integrator, CyBourn delivers tailored security consulting services to help your organization reach the right configuration for your network upgrades.

Advisory Services & Incident Reponse

Incident Response & Support

Based on the custom-built, client-specific alerting system, our team of incident responders will inform and provide specific reports and recommended remediation actions. While most incidents are minor and detected early by CyBourn’s first level of incident responders, we proactively analyze and solve any incident, leveraging an experienced team of responders.

Forensics and investigations

Clarity and traceability are essential during and after an incident, in order to understand attacker behavior, report to authorities and continuously learn in order to increase overall protection of the organization. With experienced cybercrime investigators in our team, we follow the chain of custody for each situation and follow best practices for reporting to authorities when needed.

Disaster Recovery

Planning for worst-case scenarios will provide a safety net, no matter the size and complexity of the organization. CyBourn can develop procedures, run scenarios and ensure that back-up requirements are met, so the network is restored and business operations are resumed at optimal levels in the shortest time-frame.