Why Cybourn
Driving innovation in cyberspace
The recognition of Cyber Defense as a critical aspect of any business has been growing dramatically in the past few years. The DreamLab pushes the boundaries of innovation in the cyberspace.


Massive data losses, credit card breaches, identity theft and other similar events have affected even the biggest companies worldwide, leading to the development of an extraordinary set of security tools and technologies. With so many options available, even for SMEs it is becoming more and more complex to focus on the basic cybersecurity activities.

Key Benefits

Our DreaML Cyber Security Toolkit is aimed at helping companies getting out of this “Fog of More” syndrome, concentrating on the fundamental cybersecurity threats, and learning to beat them. Each component of the toolkit focuses on a well-vetted and supported aspect of cybersecurity, which can be leveraged by businesses of any size to improve their current security state.

All of the components in the DreaML Toolkit are powered by one or more of the case-specific ML-based algorithms developed by our DreamLab, with the scope of detecting 0-day threats and complex, targeted attacks. Some example use cases:

Monitoring user's logon behavior to detect suspicious login attempts.
Monitoring super-user privileges and detecting misuse or malicious use.
Monitoring the number of process executions, reporting processes that are rare or executed too frequently in a given time period, which may indicate execution of unauthorized services, malware, or persistence mechanisms.
Detecting suspicious activity in real-time including path anomalies, with support for common path types like HTTP requests and registry keys.
Identifying listening ports in the network, which could indicate execution of unauthorized services, back doors, or persistence mechanisms.
Brand protection through continuous monitoring of social media channels.

Machine Learning

CyBourn’s DreamLab continually researches new patterns and develops ML algorithms to accurately detect anomalies. The algorithms are embedded in our monitoring infrastructure and analyze raw data to form an evolving understanding of ‘normal’ for every user, device, and subnet within an organization.

CyBourn’s focus is in detecting fraud, intellectual property theft, advanced persistent threats and coordinated attacks.

Algorithm design process for Machine Learning

CyBourn builds and implements case-specific algorithms, with the scope of detecting 0-day threats and complex, and targeted attacks.


  • Based on data set analysis and prior investigations, CyBourn first ensures the integrity of available data.


  • CyBourn deploys its Machine Learning technology and refines the architecture to enable deeper visibility into data.


  • Data is structured to increase the speed and precision of decision making allowing CyBourn to leverage the power of data visualization to enhance analysis.


  • Analysis and results are incorporated within organizational policies and processes. Each time a new threat is encountered, CyBourn helps evolve processes and develops bespoke risk scores and mitigation strategies.


  • Deep integration and real-time flow of data enhances data processing capabilities via AI and ML.

Mixed Reality

CyBourn’s DreamLab team is working with AR and VR technology to design the next-generation Incident Response war room.

CyBourn’s vision is to design a collaborative space where security analysts, incident responders and forensic investigators can collaborate during an incident, regardless of the physical locations of various individuals.

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