Why Cybourn
The versatile Extended Detection & Response (XDR) Platform that allows you to promptly detect complex threats, analyze them and respond from a single pane of glass, empower data-driven decision-making and response capabilities.
Integrate your essential data and information security indicators to empower your data driven decision making and response capabilities with EtherLast™

EtherLast™ Overview

Clear Purpose: To provide an effective solution for the escalating costs and growing complexity associated with managing security platforms widely adopted in today’s market.

All-In-One Tool: EtherLast™ integrates SIEM, SOAR, and Case Management functionalities for comprehensive security lifecycle management through a single interface.

24/7 MDR Service: Provides continuous monitoring and expert support from our global SOC team. 24/7/365 security and compliance monitoring, and incident response.

Customization & Support

Flexible Integration: Customizable to work with various systems including operating systems, network devices and even SCADA or IoT, ensuring minimal operational disruption.

Active Customer Support: Provides dedicated, responsive support for user inquiries and issues.

User Experience

Cost-Effective Solution: Designed to be financially accessible for various organizations, addressing security management costs.

Simplicity in Use: User-friendly interface suitable for teams with varying levels of technical expertise.

Integration & Dashboards

Effortless System Integration: Designed for smooth integration with existing infrastructures and tools (SIEM, EDR, IDS/IPS, etc.), enhancing security without operational hindrance. Over 100 integrations with 3rd party technologies.

Customizable Dashboards: Dashboards offer clear overviews and monitoring of SLAs and compliance, incidents, and assets – all adjustable to user needs.

Features & Detection

Security Lifecycle Management: Covers risk assessment, asset inventory, incident response, and post-incident analysis for complete security oversight.

Advanced Threat Detection: Uses behavioral analytics for early detection of covert threats, backed by human-led incident response. Effective against insider and zero-day exploits. Built-in threat intelligence.

Features, Detection & Support

Minimize noise: EtherLast™ processes alerts and raw telemetry data to ascertain the context and assess the scope of any potential impact or threat. 

Updated Threat Intelligence: Regularly updates with the latest threat vectors, effective against known and zero-day exploits.

Hands-On Customer Support: Unlike competitors who may offer an automated solution and then step back, we provide active, dedicated customer support. Our team is always ready to address your concerns promptly and effectively.

The only platform needed to track your security posture
Needs / Advantages
On-premise or in-cloud
EtherLast™ is built from SOC data and operations
Fully customizable and adaptable to client needs
SLAs and compliance monitored through dedicated visualizations
Download custom reports at any time through the platform
Ongoing flexibility to organizational changes
etherlast features

EtherLast™ Bespoke Implementation

CyBourn design, builds and delivers EtherLast™ through a thorough bespoke process to ensure managers and executives see actionable data for fast decision-making.
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Each instance of EtherLast™ represents the result of deep data collection and analysis processes that result in organization-specific visualizations. CyBourn is committed to be a strategic partner for each client, delivering a high level of protection and quality information when they need it and how they need it.

Technology Stack

CyBourn is technology agnostic

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