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Threat hunting is becoming increasingly important as companies seek to stay ahead of the latest cyber threats and rapidly respond to any potential attacks. CyBourn leverages human and machine knowledge to contextualize business activities and organizational landscapes. Starting with a baseline profile, we assess posture and a series of attack motives. We turn this knowledge into actionable data that drives security operations and enhances incident response.

Threat hunting is an essential strategy for companies aiming to stay ahead of cyber threats and respond swiftly to potential attacks. At CyBourn, we combine human expertise and machine intelligence to understand and contextualize business activities within your organizational landscape. Starting with a baseline profile, we assess your security posture and potential attack motives, turning this information into actionable data that enhances security operations and incident response.

Key Benefits

Informed Hunting
Informed Hunting

Through detailed threat profiles that consider your organization's unique activities and cybersecurity status, we ensure that our hunting strategies are tailored, making them both effective and efficient.

Proactive Defense
Proactive Defense

Our seasoned hunters utilize sophisticated tools to actively comb through your network, identifying threat indicators and potential risks. This proactive approach ensures that potential breaches are spotted and addressed long before they transform into full-blown attacks.

Clear Insights
Clear Insights

Our commitment doesn't end at discovering possible breaches. We focus on providing clear and actionable insights. Our reports highlight both active threats and areas of potential improvement, giving you the data needed to bolster your security infrastructure.

Immediate Response
Immediate Response

Coupled with our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) monitoring services, our Threat Hunting ensures that any identified active threats get an immediate response from our Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT). This rapid reaction capability ensures minimal damage and swift recovery.

Enhanced Readiness
Enhanced Readiness

Even in the absence of active threats, our service identifies areas to enhance your security posture. With CyBourn by your side, your security systems are always primed to effectively counter any looming cyber threat.

Our Process


Threat Profiling
  • Understand your organization’s specific activities and cybersecurity status. This step involves determining potential threat actors, their objectives, and likely strategies.
    • Understand the landscape
    • Identify potential threat actors
    • Gauge likely attack strategies


Active Hunting
  • With a solid grasp of your threat landscape, we employ advanced tools to meticulously inspect your network for any signs of threat indicators.
    • Use sophisticated tools
    • Spot potential risks
    • Fortify security defenses


Security Analytics and Reporting
  • Not just about discovering potential breaches, but spotlighting weaknesses and offering actionable recommendations.
    • Identify active threats
    • Highlight areas of improvement
    • Provide actionable insights


Immediate Incident Response
  • Activation of the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) whenever an active threat is detected, ensuring swift mitigation.
    • Detect active threats
    • Initiate CSIRT
    • Execute mitigation strategies


Continuous Enhancement
  • In scenarios where active threats might be absent, we focus on pinpointing areas where your security measures can be bolstered, ensuring you are always a step ahead of potential cyber adversaries.

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