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Why our clients love us

These key differentiators make CyBourn a robust and reliable cybersecurity partner. Our focus on client needs, combined with our innovative platforms and comprehensive services, allows us to deliver superior cybersecurity protection to clients of all sizes and across various industries.

We listen
We prioritize client needs over product-centric solutions, offering a fully customizable EtherLast™ solution for any environment.
Instant availability
Our team is always available for critical alerts, incidents, or breaches, ensuring prompt assistance unlike larger vendors.
Responsive CSIRT Team
CyBourn's highly skilled CSIRT team guarantees rapid response to critical alerts, incidents, or breaches, prioritizing client security and exceeding SLAs.
Enterprise-Grade Solutions
We provide enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions for businesses of all sizes, integrating with existing systems and offering custom solutions.
Affordable, Simple Solutions
Our proprietary EtherLast™ XDR platform offers comprehensive, affordable solutions, integrating SIEM, SOAR, and Case Management functionalities.
Rapid and Transparent Services
We offer rapid deployment and transparent pricing, ensuring clients understand the value they receive.
Comprehensive SOC Services
Our 24/7 SOC coverage includes rapid, human-led incident response, reducing security breach impact and response time.
Cost-Effective Solutions
Our services are cost-effective and industry-specific, leveraging expertise across various sectors to address unique challenges.
Expertise and Compliance
Our SOC professionals ensure regulatory compliance, mitigating risks of fines and penalties for non-compliance.
Focus on Core Business Activities
We allow clients to focus on core business activities by managing security monitoring and incident response.
Complete Cybersecurity Lifecycle Management
We integrate threat intelligence, event monitoring, vulnerability management, security analytics, and incident response using advanced technologies.
Customizable Services
We offer flexibility in the services we provide, allowing our clients to mold our offerings to their needs. This makes us a versatile partner in achieving cybersecurity goals.

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