Why Cybourn
24/7 XDR Services: Your Global SOC


We deliver optimum levels of hardware and software integration, enabling analysts to rapidly detect threats. Our incident handling process ensures that threat mitigation activity commences immediately following identification.

CyBourn is dedicated to providing comprehensive, 24/7 managed security services, focusing on the seamless integration of hardware and software to enable rapid threat detection and response. Our Extended Detection and Response (XDR) services combine proprietary technology with expert analysis, preparing us to address both known threats and elusive challenges like zero-day vulnerabilities and insider threats. Our Incident Response process is designed for immediate action upon threat detection, offering you the assurance of a vigilant and responsive cybersecurity partner committed to protecting your assets and data around the clock.

Key Benefits

Security Lifecycle Management: Rest Assured

Sleep better knowing CyBourn oversees every aspect of your security lifecycle. From preparation to post-incident learning, our team expertly handles the intricacies, ensuring you're shielded from potential security breaches.

Advanced Threat Detection
Advanced Threat Detection: Stay Ahead

With the EnterLast™ XDR platform, we process alerts and telemetry data to scope out potential threats. Behavioral analytics and machine learning empower us to identify and combat zero-day vulnerabilities, insider threats, and more.

Triage _ Incident Response
Triage & Incident Response: Precision in Action

Our triage process efficiently filters out genuine threats, which are then escalated to our specialized Incident Response team. Their nuanced understanding ensures threats, whether known or unknown, are addressed promptly.

Automation and Orchestration
Automation and Orchestration: Swift and Sure

Efficiency is key. We employ advanced automation and orchestration to minimize response time, ensuring threats are addressed with precision and promptness.

Value-Packed and Cost-EfficientValue-Packed and Cost-Efficient
Value-Packed and Cost-Efficient: Optimal ROI

Our EtherLast™ tool integrates seamlessly into your environment, offering you top-tier protection without straining your budget.

Customization Meets Flexibility
Customization Meets Flexibility

We cater to unique client needs, ensuring our solutions fit like a glove rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Dedicated Customer Support Always Here for You
Dedicated Customer Support: Always Here for You

Beyond just tools and tech, we stand by your side, offering unwavering, proactive support.

Fine-Tuned Alerting
Fine-Tuned Alerting: Precision Over Noise

We continuously refine our alerting rules, maximizing threat detection while minimizing false alarms.

Our Process


Preparation & Integration
  • CyBourn seamlessly integrates with your IT infrastructure, optimizing hardware and software to ensure rapid threat detection.


Detection & Triage
  • Our team employs advanced analytics to swiftly detect and triage threats. Each alert undergoes rigorous scrutiny, ensuring genuine threats are identified and escalated.


Incident Response
  • As soon as a threat is identified, key stakeholders are immediately notified. Our Incident Response team jumps into action and threats are isolated promptly to ensure the integrity of business activities remains uncompromised.


Resolution & Recovery
  • After addressing the threat, our focus shifts to eradication and recovery, ensuring your system returns to optimal function.


Post-Incident Learning & Refinement
  • The learning never stops. Post-incident, we delve into the event, refining our strategies and tools to stay ahead of potential future threats.

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