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Incident Response: Your Cybersecurity Guardian


CyBourn excels in offering rapid and effective responses to cybersecurity threats. Through our tailored Incident Response (IR) services, we manage and mitigate breaches in your system promptly, comprehensively, and efficiently.

CyBourn’s Incident Response services focus on rapid and effective management of cybersecurity threats. Our methodology ensures swift reactions to incidents, aiming to contain malicious activities and minimize their impact on your organization. With a team comprising security analysts, technology experts, forensic specialists, crisis managers, and regulatory advisors, we address every aspect of a threat, managing and mitigating breaches promptly, comprehensively, and efficiently.

Key Benefits

Dedicated CSIRT Team

A specialized team comprising of security analysts, technology experts, forensic specialists, crisis managers, and regulatory advisors.

Active, human-led remediation tailored to your unique security needs.

24_7 Response
24/7 Response

Round-the-clock assistance from cybersecurity specialists for incident response and forensic investigations.

Integrated Response
Integrated Response

Collaboration with SOC services and Threat Hunting for optimum reaction times.

Immediate visibility within your infrastructure.

Security Orchestration
Security Orchestration

Orchestration through EtherLast™ Agents to contain and expel threats quickly and effectively.

Forensics and Detailed Reports
Forensics and Detailed Reports

Thorough post-incident forensic investigations. Standardized report templates that fit smoothly with your ISMS. Our reports offer in-depth findings and recommendations to enhance your security protocols.

Retainer Services
Retainer Services

More proactive cybersecurity strategy with underutilized hours applied to additional services like training.

Trust and Reputation Management
Trust and Reputation Management

Upholding your organization's reputation while safeguarding your network and data.

Our Process


  • Collaborative efforts with your IT teams to establish SOPs and access protocols for faster response and minimized downtime.


Initiate (First Responder)
  • Swift activation of the Incident Response Plan upon detection.
  • Prevent rash or risky containment and remediation actions, and preserve forensic evidence.


  • Comprehensive evaluation by the Incident Response Team (IRT) to decide the appropriate course of action.


  • Strategic steps to contain the incident and safeguard your systems.
  • Stealthier actions for observing unfolding attacks while reducing risks.


  • Identification of the root cause, attack vector, infected assets, and attacker TTPs.
  • Deep forensic investigation to unveil the full scope of the attack.


  • Efficient removal of the attacker’s foothold in the network by patching vulnerabilities.


  • Delivery of comprehensive reports to guide on remediation strategies and enhancing security protocols.

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