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In the modern, ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, achieving optimal security requires more than just having the right tools. What’s needed is a cohesive service that seamlessly merges technology, processes, and human expertise. CyBourn offers this through our comprehensive Managed Security Services (MSS). Our aim is to support your organization’s cybersecurity goals by harnessing our broad expertise in managing diverse security tools, ensuring a tailored approach to fit your distinctive requirements.

Key Benefits

Tailored Security
Tailored Security

Recognizing that every enterprise has its unique security necessities, our services are customizable. We offer flexibility in integrating and managing an array of security tools, whether they are in-house, third-party, or provided by CyBourn.

Proactive Vulnerability Management
Proactive Vulnerability Management

A proactive stance on vulnerabilities is essential. Our Vulnerability Management service offers an all-encompassing solution, from asset discovery to vulnerability tracking and remediation.

EDR Management
Efficient EDR Management

Ensure optimal utility from your Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools with our expert management, offering prompt threat containment and remediation.

Unified Approach
Unified Approach

Integrated into our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) services, our MSS aims to unify and maximize the value and benefits of your security tools.

Holistic Protection
Holistic Protection

With services ranging from SIEM and MDR to security architecture reviews and employee training, we provide an encompassing approach to cybersecurity, ensuring no gaps in protection.

Our Services


Vulnerability Management
  • From discovering assets and scanning for vulnerabilities to managing and remediating them, we ensure comprehensive coverage.


EDR Management
  • Continuous monitoring and rapid threat containment to ensure the utmost effectiveness of your EDR tools.


Configurable Managed Security Services
  • Tailored solutions that can integrate a diverse set of tools including EDR, UTM, CASB, and SASE, all of which can be managed as part of our EtherLast™ SIEM solution.


SASE and WAF Integration
  • We provide thorough integration with SASE and WAF tools, ensuring proactive and continuous protection.


Managed Firewall and Intrusion Prevention
  • Extra layers of security through meticulous management, monitoring, and maintenance.


  • Real-time analysis of security alerts facilitated by collecting, analyzing, and correlating security log data.


Email Security
  • Comprehensive protection for your email communications against threats like spam, phishing, and malware.


Security Architecture Review and Design
  • Expert evaluations and potential redesigns of your security infrastructure to ensure maximum protection.


  • Advanced threat detection, incident response, and continuous monitoring for swift and effective threat management.


Security Awareness Training
  • Educating your staff on cybersecurity best practices and the latest threat landscape to bolster your organization’s first line of defense.

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