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In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, regulatory compliance can be a maze. With CyBourn by your side, navigating this challenging landscape becomes simpler and more manageable.

At CyBourn, we simplify the complex maze of cybersecurity regulatory compliance by understanding its intricacies across various standards, frameworks, and certifications. In collaboration with our sister company, VantaForce, we offer comprehensive compliance services tailored to assist businesses in establishing and updating security controls, ensuring adherence to the latest regulations. Our approach makes navigating the challenging terrain of cybersecurity compliance more manageable and aligned with your organization’s unique needs and objectives.

Our Services

Compliance Advisory and Gap Analysis
Compliance Advisory and Gap Analysis

Thorough gap assessments and compliance guidance aligned with global to local cybersecurity standards. Our services encompass security policy advisement, NIST framework compliance, and consultation for Authority to Operate (ATO) acquisition.

Assessment Readiness Review

Prepare for compliance audits with our assessment readiness review, offering in-depth reports on your operational security capabilities.

Information Security Assessments
Information Security Assessments

Periodic evaluations of your organization’s security readiness.

Detailed gap identification in IT and business processes, followed by actionable enhancement suggestions.

Risk Analysis
Risk Analysis

Protect your organization's core mission by safeguarding your information systems effectively.

Comprehensive risk assessment aligning with your business processes to forecast potential threats.

Broad Compliance Framework Expertise
Broad Compliance Framework Expertise

In-depth advisory capabilities across a range of compliance frameworks and drivers, including NIST, CIS, FISMA, FedRAMP, GDPR, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, CIS, and CMMC, among others.

Compliance Monitoring with EtherLast™
Compliance Monitoring with EtherLast™

Continuous insight into your compliance through our proprietary SIEM/SOAR platform, EtherLast™.

Custom dashboards for compliance metrics and consistent evaluation of client endpoints to remain ahead of potential compliance challenges.

Our Process

Navigating the labyrinth of compliance can seem daunting, but with our proven process, we ensure a smooth journey for our clients. Here’s a step-by-step overview of our approach:

Our Process


Understand & Strategize
  • Objective: Get a deep understanding of your organization’s existing security posture, infrastructure, business goals, and specific compliance requirements.
  • Activities: Interviews with key personnel, review of existing security policies, and initial assessment of current compliance status.


Gap Analysis & Risk Assessment
  • Objective: Identify areas where your organization falls short of compliance standards and determine potential risks.
  • Activities: Detailed analysis of your systems and processes against global and local compliance standards, identifying vulnerabilities and potential threats.


Customized Compliance Advisory
  • Objective: Provide tailored recommendations and strategies for achieving and maintaining compliance.
  • Activities: Develop security policies, procedures, and guidance on achieving specific standards and frameworks.


Assessment Readiness & Preparation
  • Objective: Ensure your organization is ready for external compliance audits or certifications.
  • Activities: Conduct internal audits, mock assessments, and offer training sessions for staff.


Implement & Monitor with EtherLast™
  • Objective: Ensure continuous compliance and visibility into your security posture.
  • Activities: Leverage the power of EtherLast™ for real-time monitoring, set up custom dashboards, and continuously evaluate compliance status.


Ongoing Support & Reviews
  • Objective: Maintain a strong security posture and adapt to evolving compliance requirements.
  • Activities: Periodic reviews, security assessments, and updates to security policies and controls.


Reporting & Documentation
  • Objective: Keep stakeholders informed about the compliance status, potential risks, and remediation activities.
  • Activities: Generate comprehensive reports detailing findings, recommendations, and achieved compliance milestones.

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Does your organization currently follow any cybersecurity frameworks such as NIST or CIS for improving your security posture?
Has your organization undergone any cybersecurity audits or assessments in the past 12 months?
Are you seeking assistance with a specific compliance standard (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA, etc.)?
Does your organization have any compliance or regulatory requirements that mandate regular vulnerability assessments?
Has your organization implemented new software or hardware that may have introduced new vulnerabilities?

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