SOC & Dream Lab

CyBourn SOC

CyBourn’s mantra is based on providing excellence in platform security, user access management, and governance. Our core capabilities are rooted in our senior team’s experience in consultancy, IT security and incident response.  CyBourn is well ahead of anomaly detection and behavioral analytics – a clear leader in anomaly detection. A key differentiation with respect to detection is seen in CyBourn’s ability to accurately judge gray-area anomalous activity. Incorporation of unsupervised, supervised, and deep learning into its product offering puts CyBourn well ahead of the game and makes it a compelling candidate for any enterprise’s cybersecurity tooling plans.

CyBourn Dream Lab

The CyBourn Lab analyzes, researches, and rapidly develops cybersecurity technology and then incorporates that technology into features that address mission-critical needs. Using proprietary machine learning and AI algorithms, CyBourn Lab is further integrating our Etherlast platform to operate by passively analyzing raw data to form an evolving understanding of ‘normal’ for every user, device, and subnet in an organization. Without presuming to know in advance what activity is ‘malicious’ or not, CyBourn’s Etherlast independently learns to detect significant deviations, and immediately alerts the CyBourn SOC teams to emerging threats – from advance persistent threats and well-disguised attacks, to botnets and automated malware like ransomware.

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