Cybersecurity Awareness Training

CyBourn works with organisations to help build a security-first culture through imparting knowledge of cybersecurity threats and best practices.


Train your employees to be more cyber aware and to stop security incidents in their tracks. Cybourn builds and executes complex social engineering scenarios to test awareness levels of internal staff. As the number one entry point for data breaches, phishing techniques are very hard to mitigate. The best solution to cope with such threats is maintaining high levels of awareness. Social engineering exercises should be continually performed by all organisations, as it dramatically lowers the probability of a data breach. Simulations can be customised based on organisational structure, geographic presence, and specific business risks.

What type of Cybersecurity Awareness Training do we offer

offer 1

Phishing campaigns simulating an external attacker gathering data from employees based on external provider call-to-action

offer 2

Phishing campaigns simulating an attacker impersonating a member of the organisation that delivers a call-to-action

offer 3

Spear-phishing campaigns targeting high-profile employees to disclose information

Who Need Social Engineering

CyBourn recommends any organisation that performs business-critical operations on digital platforms to perform such a test at least once per year. It helps companies establish a baseline security posture and then set up a roadmap for improvements.


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