Threat hunting

CyBourn leverages human and machine knowledge to contextualise business activities and organisational landscapes. Starting with a baseline profile, we assess posture and a series of attack motives. We turn this knowledge into actionable data that drives security operations and enhances incident response. CyBourn continually adapts the baseline, while conducting proactive threat hunting.


Big data








big data analytics

The data that CyBourn collects is turned into granular search capabilities, enabling faster resolution times and laser focus on true-positive alerts. Billions of logs are structured into trends and behaviour patterns that enable security teams to make informed decisions and perform deep analysis for abnormal behaviour.

Expert skills

Our threat intelligence team acts as an observer and advisor to the SOC monitoring and alerting team to provide up-to-date and optimised alerting rules. CyBourn’s threat hunting team is an elite force of 24/7 highly skilled individuals, be it for insider threat or for an external attacker. Empowered with a high level of situational awareness, our threat hunters serve our clients needs in every situation.

Cross-functional collaboration

Following the guidelines of MITRE ATT&CK, SANS and national and international regulations, CyBourn’s threat intelligence team works in close collaboration with the SOC monitoring, alerting and incident response teams to develop playbooks covering various attack scenarios. During the process, we fuse indicators in our automated alerting & mitigation processes and we increase levels of preparedness through red/blue teaming exercises, penetration tests and social engineering simulations.

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