CyBourn’s Managed Detection and Response Service maintains seamless integration with our clients’ IT infrastructure and processes. We deliver optimum levels of hardware and software integration, enabling analysts to rapidly detect threats. Our incident handling process ensures that threat mitigation activity commences immediately following identification.

24/7 SOC

CyBourn offers a tailored approach to monitoring cyberspaces through human-machine collaboration delivering detection solutions customised to each specific infrastructure and its applications. CyBourn achieves high levels of integration on both hardware and software, enabling analysts to rapidly detect new threats and absorb it within the incident handling process. The result is the delivery of a knowledge center for response and remediation architected around our clients’ IT infrastructure and operations with up-to-date threat intelligence.










Flexible deployment

CyBourn’s integration team delivers highly scalable solutions in consultation with your IT and risk departments, adapting the architecture to fit IT operations and risk policies.

In-house managed infrastructure:

CyBourn has capabilities to deploy monitoring solutions within your infrastructure, whether cloud-based or on-premises. Our analysts work closely with clients to operate and manage monitoring, remediation and incident response activities.

CyBourn infrastructure

CyBourn can receive log data from your infrastructure through highly secure and state-of-the-art data collection channels. Both the data and infrastructure are managed by CyBourn through established policies and procedures that adhere to an established information security framework. Our analysts operate and manage monitoring, remediation and incident response activities with speed, security, and efficiency.

Vendor agnostic

CyBourn acts as security integrators and has competences operating both open-source tools, as well as commercial and off-the-shelf products. Our solutions are bespoke and CyBourn works a variety of SIEM, firewalls, IDS, DLP, and SOAR tools.


CyBourn’s expert analysts leverage ML algorithms, enhancing proactive analyses and mapping network behaviour in order to accurately detect anomalies, perform in-depth investigations, and act swiftly to address threats.

Security and business focus combined

CyBourn delivers value-added business optimisation through security enhancement. Achieving high levels of visibility enables our analysts to advise on process flows improvements. Through log collection and analysis, CyBourn can help identify processes that can be streamlined thereby enhancing the power of analysis. Through our unique approach and work, our clients realise a significant upside to business impact.

Integrated and transparent reporting

CyBourn believes in reporting done easy. This is why CyBourn developed the Etherlast platform, a bespoke data visualisation platform that offers different layers of reporting for each management level. No need to wait for monthly or weekly reports anymore. Managers and executives can have a real-time pulse on cybersecurity postures.

Compliance support

Through CyBourn’s operations, we help clients ensure and monitor compliance indicators. Cybourn actively supports clients with national, European, as well as international frameworks and regulations.

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