CyBourn launches Etherlast, a comprehensive cyber posture visualisation platform

December 5 2019

Cybersecurity company CyBourn launches the Etherlast platform - a bespoke visualisation platform that integrates all of the essential cybersecurity feeds and data to arm companies with data-driven decision making and defense capabilities.

In response to the frustration of executives, managers, and in-house security teams caused by the lack of visibility of their organisation’s cybersecurity posture, CyBourn has developed an innovative application which provides decision-driven data. This application, Etherlast, provides real-time collaboration between security operations and business decision-makers.

“It is important to fuel the education around digital and cybersecurity so individuals, and not just enterprises are at the forefront of innovation and protection. Take for example the CERT-RO, the Romanian government incident response center - over 80% of the alerts processed are related to vulnerable IT systems, compromised or infected with various malware versions. This is directly correlated to inadequate digital capabilities of individuals and lack of sufficient awareness,” said Ashwin Jayaram, CyBourn’s CEO.

The Etherlast platform offers a fully bespoke visualisation capability for every company using CyBourn’s Security Operations Centre (CREST Accredited) services. It ensures full visibility and transparency on security operations when combined with CyBourn’s bespoke approach for service delivery, it offers the right information and balance between security and business operations, covering cyber strategy, compliance and security, including indicators of network health, application performance, along with a comprehensive security posture view.

“Through Etherlast, we make it easy for security professionals, managers and business executives to understand the real-time status of organizational cyberspace.”, said Catalin Moisei, CTO at CyBourn.

CyBourn’s cybersecurity experts can help companies to map their organisational cyber risk profile and define company-wide steps for implementation and remediation. CyBourn develops strategies and action plans, which in turn enable the development of solid information security cultures. In addition to CyBourn’s state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre, CyBourn offers assessments and a comprehensive array of consultancy services. CyBourn’s framework is built upon industry best practices and is enabled by the expertise of analysts, incident responders, as well as IT security and strategy consultants.

“We believe that CyBourn’s advanced capabilities of its Security Operations Centre service model, enhanced with our Etherlast platform will be a game-changer in the market by offering bespoke data visibility to all layers of decision-makers and will offer transparency over client security operations.”, said Daniel Mckee, COO at CyBourn.

About CyBourn

CyBourn is a state-of-the-art cybersecurity company offering the perfect balance between security, technology, regulation and operational excellence. CyBourn offers state-of-the-art 24/7/365 monitoring solutions, best in class incident response services, and tailored strategic cybersecurity consulting along with bespoke machine learning-driven solutions. CyBourn’s Etherlast Platform enables companies to have everything they need to stay safe in one centralized dashboard for all technologies in the organization.

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