CyBourn’s CEO, Ashwin Jayaram, stresses the importance of public-private cooperation and education around cybersecurity issues

October 30 2019

CyBourn’s CEO, Ashwin Jayaram, stresses the importance of public-private cooperation and education of the individual on cybersecurity issues while speaking at the 2019 Alianta Gala and Summit in Washington DC, at the Romanian Embassy.

CyBourn’s CEO explained how the state of the market space and awareness impacts the growth and importance of AI and cybersecurity, during a panel entitled “Defining Romania's Hi-Tech Brand: AI, Security or Niche?” and moderated by George Roth Senior Manager Partnerships and Alliances, Bay Area Honorary Consul.

“It is important to fuel the education around digital and cybersecurity so individuals, and not just enterprises are at the forefront of innovation and protection. Take for example the CERT-RO, the Romanian government incident response center - over 80% of the alerts processed are related to vulnerable IT systems, compromised or infected with various malware versions. This is directly correlated to inadequate digital capabilities of individuals and lack of sufficient awareness,” said Ashwin Jayaram, CyBourn’s CEO.

“In Romania, the government is taking data protection very seriously and was one of the early proponents of taking the NIS directive into legislation. Earlier this year, CERT-RO implemented a hot line that individuals can call to report incidents,” added Ashwin Jayaram.

The debate took place during the tech-bridge event, the third part of the Summit: Defining Romania's Hi-Tech Brand: AI, Security or Niche?, moderated by George Roth,Senior Manager Partnerships and Alliances, Bay Area Honorary Consul. The panel included: Cristina Scheau, Director of Engineering in AI/machine learning at Facebook; Valentin Bercovici, Founder, PencilDATA Cyber Security firm; Sebastian Cochinescu, CEO of SupplyBlockchain and Ashwin Jayaram, CEO at CyBourn.

Commenting on the US-Romanian relationship, CyBourn’s CEO concluded: “The talent in Romania is top-notch and I have found that Romanians have excellent language competences, understands global business and operational processes and have a working culture that complements the work ethics in the United States very well. I believe that it is very important to shift the narrative and perception of doing business in Romania from taking advantage of lower costs to taking advantage of amazing capabilities and talent.”

The 2019 Alianta Gala and Summit in Washington DC was hosted by Alianta, the Washington, DC-based national organization of Americans, US companies and other institutions working to strengthen the cultural, economic, and security ties between the United States and Romania. Alianta helps Americans and Romanians through education and networking, as well as opportunities which benefit citizens of both nations, improving understanding of Romania and its important strategic partnership with the United States.

About CyBourn

CyBourn is a Romanian based cybersecurity company, with headquarters and Operations Center in Bucharest, supported by a research team in Naples, Italy and a software development team in Washington D.C., USA.

CyBourn is a state-of-the-art cybersecurity company offering the perfect balance between security, technology, regulation and operational excellence. CyBourn offers state-of-the-art 24/7/365 monitoring solutions, best in class incident response services, and tailored strategic cybersecurity consulting along with bespoke machine learning-driven solutions. CyBourn’s Etherlast Platform enables companies to have everything they need to stay safe in one centralized dashboard for all technologies in the organization.

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