As internet threats become more complex, full service cybersecurity company CyBourn promises to keep businesses safe

June 28 2019

The global landscape of cyber threats is evolving, and each new development can impact companies in profound ways. Securing the IT infrastructure and data sphere of organizations can be mitigated by having the cutting-edge tools and policies in place, a trend that is becoming paramount for all businesses.

CyBourn helps companies map their organization’s cyber risk profile, define company-wide steps for implementation and remediation and develop strategies and action plans to build solid information security cultures within organizations.

“As organizations constantly digitalize operations, a holistic company-wide cybersecurity strategy is crucial. It protects core assets such as intellectual property, private data of both customers and employees and the broad reputation of the company.”, explained Ioan Istrate, CyBourn’s Chief Evangelist.

Regulation tailored to cybersecurity is currently being implemented across the world. Organizations need to adapt their internal governance system to meet legal requirements, in addition to strengthening their internal information security framework. Within the EU, policies such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or Network Infrastructure Security Directive (NIS Directive) are radically changing information security governance frameworks, both on the technical and reporting levels. CyBourn tailors a bottom-up reporting policy matching the unique set of processes that define companies, coupled with the right timeline to effectively implement it throughout the organization.

“Our team has extensive experience in cybersecurity governmental bodies and cross-governmental authorities, expanding our core competencies in congruence with the evolving regulatory landscape. We guide companies through the intricacies of implementing policy and government reporting mechanisms. We bridge IT infrastructure requirements with internal workflows, reaching an optimal balance for security, regulation and operations.”, added Ashwin Jayaram, CEO at CyBourn.

Through Cybourn’s Managed Detection and Response services, CyBourn offers immediate responses in the event of policy breaches, granting protection from unwanted actions that could have legal consequences, be it from an outside attacker or due to internal errors.

About CyBourn

CyBourn is a state-of-the-art cybersecurity company offering the perfect balance between security, technology, regulation and operational excellence. CyBourn offers state-of-the-art 24/7/365 monitoring solutions, best in class incident response services, and tailored strategic cybersecurity consulting along with bespoke machine learning-driven solutions.

The CyBourn Etherlast Platform enables organizations to finally have everything it needs to stay safe. It provides one centralized dashboard for all technologies in your infrastructure.

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